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Hey guys! Wow, what a busy year. Music is in full swing. I have been writing and co-writing with other local artist here in Knoxville, Tn. This town is extremely blessed with local talent. I am currently in the studio putting together a small release for early Summer. My first EP -Tattoo- will be out later this month! I can't wait for you all to here it. 


Woo! Guys it's picked up over the past couple of months. Thanks to everyone!!!….Can't wait to see where this train is going or ends up! Either way, I am having a blast doing what I love…..#muchlove -Piper



Added Dates Today! 

Guys check on the show schedule. I added several today, so make your way to me! Also, my song Tattoo is finished. Waiting on several I's to be dotted, and T's to be crossed, lol…..I can't wait to put it out officially! I hope to see you locally!!!!!


Hey guys! I wanted to reach out and give an update. I have recently began to add new events and live performances. If your in Knoxville, please stop in and say hi! This is just the beginning and plan to add more shows as time progresses. 

I have recently started on new music, which will added to the first project release. Yes, I know it taking forever but the music is coming soon! My goals have not changed, still navigating unchartered territory with every step. That's all for now, hope to see you soon!

Latest Track

I will be releasing my first EP later this year. Look for the song Tattoo!


Were rolling baby! Check out the events page.